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Birth May,15,1986
His Birthplace Muikamachi, Minamiuonuma Shi, Niigata Ken, 949-6680, Japan
Current Address Muikamachi, Minamiuonuma Shi, Niigata Ken, 949-6680, Japan
Real Name Fueki Hirofumi( Kanji Notation )
Profession The Minamiuonuma Pope and God

Printer(2009-2016) →Self-Styled God Illustrator(2016-2017) →Line Worker(2017-2019)

Educational Background College Dropout
Mail Address eragejirai2@gmail.com


  • Who is Mr.Erage?

In short, it is famous for the painful remarks and the patterns with unpleasant characteristics A self-proclaimed illustrator working on Twitter and others. I used to travel under the names of "Mining 2", "Jirai", and "J Sensei" before. Repeated violent violence & riotism & paradoxical, had been hit as "Itai" in Gehsen neighborhood. When he is such a reincarnation as a self-proclaimed illustrator. Named "Jim-e-shi", but his ability did not catch up, and selling firewood to various fields and burning up It quickly became famous (in a bad way, of course) on Twitter. And after repeated fires and freezes, Twitter will be expelled forever.

  • Figure

To put it simply, "It is like having gathered the faults of Nobita, Suneo and Gian into one human being." As a unique term that frequently appears in the teacher community "Imaginary space" that escapes from reality by repeating convenient interpretation and memory falsification "Looking from the sky" to compliment the other party in a statement that does not meet the position or ability "Brain erection" to approach women by exposing the lower mind without feeling a sense of distance and so on. Please refer to the glossary for details.

Various problems such as the following are always activated in combination, and it is turned into a monster that can not be handled by ordinary people. In order to emit convenient remarks on the spot, it is also characterized as something to pierce as a boomerang. It is deceived that "the teacher's greatest enemy is his own statement in the past".

  • Self-Interest

Anyway, selfish and selfish. I want to accept everything I say unconditionally → should be accepted → I believe that it should be accepted. It is described as "Internet baby uncle".

On the other hand, when criticized or pointed out, they will bite and stick to the opponent like a fire. But, of course, I don't intend to think that I am at fault.

  • He can not keep my rules and manners

Because of its unusual selfishness, the rules are what he decides, and general manners do not pass. Naturally, it is out of the mind that the terms of service exist in various services such as Twitter. Even after receiving the attention from Twitter, conversely, they say, "Why is Twitter taking care of itself? Twitter is wrong." During the Game Center era, it was treated as a landmine player according to the name because of many manners violations.

  • Narcissism

A person who is too distorted and too strong in self-love and has been suspected for many years of the personality disorder of self-love. He deems himself special, detracts from his surroundings, and delusions that his talent should be appreciated. If it is only that, it is just a mischievous person, but the strength of aggression is added and it can not be dealt with.

  • Mounting

It will rush to take the mount regardless of the position of the person and the other party and the contents of the statement. For example, take a mount with academic background to an opponent who can not win with drawing power, or take a mount with age if you do not win with drawing power or educational background. If it can not be done, it will block unilaterally, and it will be decided that it will have been defeated by the end of the storm of the slander and the distraction. (Referred to as the Bishamon theory)

There are also many RTs that bring up buzzing topics and often talk about it as "I know better". However, it is usually thin knowledge and a burning blade, and boro comes out soon. If it is pointed out, it will not be blocked.

  • Impulsive and Unplanned

I can not control myself and say everything I thought. It is a previous problem that can not distinguish between good things and bad things, and it is the main factor on fire. I could not act forward looking forward, and the best thing would be to retire from the printing company and aim for an illustrator. I didn't listen to other people's advice, so I totally wasted my time. Whether the concept of savings and nutrition is missing, I am sending an unhealthy diet

  • 2.

Self-interest and self-love have been added and justified in the person, there is no remorse. Such impulsivity and carelessness are symptoms seen in ADHD etc. but the relationship is unknown.

  • Lack of flexibility

Clumsy in many ways, I can not bend my own decided way, I am strong attachment. In addition, there are difficulties in reading and writing skills, so I can not read the main points of the story or I can not understand irony. This area is often suspected of having Asperger's syndrome.

There is an excerpt that "the catchball of the conversation becomes a dodgeball" In the case of a teacher who has added the strength and selfishness of self-love to this The disjointness of the conversation is considered to be a level that "the catch ball should have been hit back with a metal bat".

  • Lack of Measure the sense of distance

Suddenly, it is also possible to give advice to strangers by looking at it from the sky, but in the case of a teacher, he is particularly disgusted by the relationship with women. A series of questions that are easily taken into private While making a LINE exchange or making a work request, I feel as if I are being "loved" or "related". Needless to say, it is the source of trouble. On the other hand, it can be easily caught by Nekama etc.

  • Discriminatory thinking

It seems to be an extension of self-love, but something is wrong, and this one wants to criticize no. In particular, the words and acts that look at women as "subject to sex" and "presence to raise and raise children" stand out. Both men and women tend to be seen with white eyes because their attachment to searching for a good wife is so high.

He also makes the subject bigger and bigger, and criticizes him as if he was a representative or a spokesman for something. For example, "Niigata citizens have had their feelings for Fukushima worse since the earthquake," etc. When this happens, the people of Fukushima Prefecture are unwilling to say, and people of Niigata Prefecture are embarrassed, but the person can not understand it.

  • Persecution Complex

I sold my nephew in all directions and increased my enemies endlessly Only one point "I am not bad at all" can not be bent absolutely because of that intense self-love. In the course of its normalization, the interpretation that "anti is rushing to spread the bad reputation for oneself" was born "Anti is doing sticky stalking" "Anti is intentionally giving up evaluation of his picture" "Black screen incites it" ...... It is intensifying the wild paranoid delusion.

Recently (2018), Twitter and Kokonara have been kicked out for violation of terms. The reality is not recognized, and the paranoid which can be called madness is spreading more and more. It is said that if it gets worse then it will rush into schizophrenia.

  • Leaving to others

Even if the identity is disclosed, is kemma and he is harassed, he does not try to take action such as going to consult with the police by leaving it to others + parents. Although there is Minami-Uonuma police station immediately from home, ... Due to this unwilling attitude, many harassments are escalating.

  • Faces

I can not help but only because this is natural.

Images taken during the Goessen era have leaked, and can also be checked on this site's image data. A face like Kimoota face It is so big that you think the face is a anime image compared to the torso Head long. It is not a face, a horse face, etc. but only the top of the head There is a feature such as, and it passes by the nickname of "Saiko". Junk food and ramen are favorite foods, so it seems to be even fatter now, but the details are unknown.

  • Brilliant career

See also the item Chronology .

  • Student era(~2009)

The bright student days of the Mr.Erage who is a later god painter are full of ups and downs. In the second grade of elementary school, & bold () {I throw a pencil case on the head of my classmate to be sent to a special class}, Junior high school high school and brutality (though I feel sorry to the teacher) Go to Kashiwa National University in Chofu City (To say, did you really receive a teacher at a university with a high deviation value? Aren't you supposed to be received in an imaginary space? There is a suspicion that) ... but 2 stay and drop out. The reason is that I got into Geessen too much & onset of depression. As a matter of fact, I thought that my teacher was bad for my parents, and after leaving the house I got a car license and got a job at a printing company. He said, "I was too busy to drop out and I got a job license for a scholarship balance of 5.2 million because my parents were impervious." It seems that at this time the teacher still had some human mind left.

By the way, the teacher's blog [Bound of the land mine 2] >> http://blog.livedoor.jp/jirai2/ which was written in university days remains. Here you can get a glimpse of the former teacher. You may think that nothing has grown since then, but At the time, as in the future, there was still a human mind, and I was able to objectively view my own picture Some say that "I do not have the illusion of eating only with pictures" The present teacher was able to "see the reality" which can never be done. On the other hand, at the same time, in 2ch, we are active in Kotehan “Landmine 2 mVmVSuJIRAI2” It is treated as a nuisance to the extent that anti-threat can be set from that time. & s () {Why the teacher has become ... ...}

  • Game Center and Office Worker era(2009~2016/10)

Make a noise in Game Center, be struck with an arcade game board, etc. Return to Niigata and go to Game Center while working at a printing company. For more information about the Game Center era Fujisaki Yuya's blog is written in detail & it is so long See Walked through various games, and at the same time it became violent and insulting, making him famous in the Gessen area immediately. Teacher's Special Move "Genocide Block" (the act of simultaneously blocking an anti-like account to a follower including himself) or The origin of the word “Imaginary space” (changing memory for the teacher's convenience) appeared [the champion of the university >> http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8319cf/ a novel was born these days . It is also this time that we started Twitter.

  • Illustrator era Part1(2016/10~2017/03)

An unemployed deity calling for a god painter. Before Chisulet. IЯA mythology etc. The beginning of the teacher's new legend. In October 2016, he retired from a printing company that he worked for 7 years, aiming to become a professional illustrator. (It will be revealed later by Mr. Rywich, but this retirement seems to have been inspired by Mr. Rywich) One day when you post manga with a large amount of text and work hard on painting, A follower who can not see a cartoon of irraji advises that "it will not be evaluated as it is" ... In this, irritating Tairaji slammed him, saying, "A man who can not draw a picture does not say it". However, the behavior became insulting and inflamed, and the teacher rebuilt the account.

  • Illustrator era Part2(2017/04~2017/08)

After the birth of Watching thread. An illustration age with lots of drawings. The teacher thought that he rebuilt the account and got a restful day, but the account will be identified soon. While reciting mystery theory such as "It is advantageous because people who have experience as full-time employees can handle chores." I'll send a poem-filled portfolio full of stuff to the gaming company, Of course there is no reason such as a company that employs such a person and it sinks. It was also possible to call for paid requests using kokonara etc., but only the seeds of trouble increased. A teacher who has lost his unemployment insurance is rushed to his parents and will re-employ as a contract worker of the line engineer.

  • Self-Styled God Illustrator and Line Worker era Part1(2017/09~2017/11)

Get a new job. Notice all mutes. Trepaque doubt. Became a part-time job painter, but he bursts into tears at work fatigue, and the time to draw a picture decreases sharply. Repeated on fire, achieve 500,000 blocks and 750,000 blocks of fury, but from the fact that the anti does not go down, it makes a comeback. I recreated my account and declared that I would not block anymore. But in a month I got frustrated. Over time, Tracing specific movement will be in full swing.

  • Self-Styled God Illustrator and Line Worker era Part2 (2017/12~2018/03)

Looking for a bride. 20,000 yen case. To Twitter expulsion. Suddenly it begins to look for a wife to sell my home (), but it fails wonderfully. There is also a trepaku uproar, or the power to draw a picture (which has a large amount of drawing) is completely dampened, Begin to put a real mind in drawing a caricature for 3000 yen a piece at coconala. (※ later raised to 4,000 yen) I start drawing for 10 people free of charge as a portrait plan, but what is the use of the other party's face photograph that I acquired for that .... Also from around this time, I was addicted to the Animal Tower Battle (DTB), and eventually I became a world ranker.

From the end of the year 2018, the 20,000 yen case, the false DMCA case and the ensuing turmoil. It was said that it was on the Cyberpolis list, but it is not clear. As a result of the problem behavior that neglected personal information and the attitude of selling the bribe to Twitter company, Finally, in March 2018, the IP ban was finally over, and it became impossible to create a new account on Twitter.

  • Self-Styled God Illustrator and Line Worker era Part3 (2018/04~2019/06)

Prisoner of Pawoo. Married in LINE. Personal information leak. Name yourself as Alice Alice. I was a teacher who was exiled to Pawoo because he lost Twitter, the most important source. Because it was only the smartphone that was regulated, eventually it returned to Twitter (jailbreak) with a limited PC. Kokonara is also getting regulation, and the means of earning money by painting has been sealed more and more. Furthermore, dissatisfaction with the work of line workers soars, and often start thinking about retirement.

Under such circumstances, the portrait client "Miri-chan" and LINE quickly approached, and it will be in love love mode from the second half of April. Eventually it will be declared marriage ... but its identity was still fishing nekama. She (male) is collaborating with Tsui Anti, and her real name "Hirofumi" is finally exposed on the table on the 32nd birthday of the teacher. Mii-chan ed came to a close. However, as a result of repeated resentment, the real name and the address finally leak on the net.

Such situation is parent barre. The time to withdraw to Pawoo Prison in the name of "Arisu Sakura" continued. However, when it enters 2019, jailbreak to Twitter again. The behavior of the lower part is sent out in a row, such as sending underwear and Onaho with an amagifu ticket earned by DTB. Unabashedly the structure continues to demonstrate the crispness, "Kenma" and voyeur etc. by extremist group intensification.

Eventually the company will be fired in June.

  • Second Nojob Era(2019/07~)

I don't even go to Hellowork, but I devote myself to miraculous delivery and dirty food every day. Do you know your situation? When will you go to work? And fall in love with him.

  • Current

My personal information is broken, and while I have an anti that is said to be over 10,000 people, the attitude "I am not at all bad" has not broken at all. "Anti has been harassing using hundreds of vices alone" "They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on anti activities" Madness is increasing day by day.

The second time of unemployed, the development and how to wait for the teacher! ?

Why do you burn up? Basically, it is caused by the character as described above.

Regarding fire, it is no different from common fire projects, but in the case of a teacher, after all, in short, fire suppression measures are fatally poor. The teacher basically has absolute confidence in his actions. Because of this, it is possible to pour oil over the fire in a series of excessive oppositions and exposures. And because of the habit of taking mounts, they do not have elements of strategic withdrawal, and hate taking apology or even withdrawing from withdrawal. As I do not hesitate to delete bad tweets and eliminate evidence for such reasons, my position will be worsened.

Such own action calls for diffusion and anti The trouble is that the teacher firmly believes that all these large flames are due to anti-incitement work. Eventually, various disturbances are joined together in a virtual space, and the composition that I am a victim suffering from the dirty trick of the black screen is completed. To the present.